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Matrix Premier - Search Strategist

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You have something awesome to share with the world - brilliant ideas, quality products, helpful knowledge, inspired works of art. But you have to connect with that world first. The Internet can be an incredibly effective and affordable medium for finding your audience. But to draw the crowds, your site has to rank high in search engines for relevant, popular search terms. That takes a skilled SEO search strategist.

You can pay for ads to get found on the Web. Or you can earn search engine rankings "organically." This is our forte at Matrix Premier. Ranking well in Google and other search engines takes far more than putting up a nice looking website. To rank well, a site needs great content, strategic navigation, niche targeting based on analysis, and error-free code (a rare find). It also has to earn search engine trust and industry respect. There's quite an art and science to this. Matrix Premier merges artful analysis with a broad technical grasp, for prime ranking potential.

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This work is commonly called search engine optimization (SEO), but an SEO or search strategist is not really optimizing search engines. The term “search engines” refers to Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and many other mechanical, formula-driven engines that allow people to search the Internet. The main goal of our search strategist is to make many improvements to optimize our clients’ websites so they can rank much better in search engines. Our changes can also improve search engine results, indirectly. But let's face it, our primary objective in SEO is to optimize clients' websites to rank better in Google, not to optimize Google.

Quality SEO helps your website rank better in search engines for valuable search terms. Ranking better in search engines for valuable search terms will drive significantly more visitors to your website. Then when your site is set up right, more visitors will drive more conversions. "Conversions" often refer to purchases that drive revenue, income, dinero.... But it may refer to client leads or visitor eyeballs reading blog posts or articles. For an artist or photographer it can mean viewers browsing their galleries and making contact. Whatever the goal, conversions track how well our clients' websites achieve their unique website goals. So a skilled SEO search strategist can greatly increase your website traffic, income potential, and improve your site's success in converting other goals.

At Matrix Premier, our search engine optimization is based on in-depth analysis of your website's designs and features, code, menu and linking structures, incoming links, and many technical issues. We offer strategic input and changes to any of these areas as needed. We then dive into keyword research and analysis of your competitors and your site's ranking potential.

Our optimizations include action steps like revising on-page copy and meta tags, advising regarding page designs, restructuring internal linking, managing external links, and advising on many coding changes. When our clients "give us the keys," in many cases we will input the necessary changes as well. By "give us the keys" we mean access to their content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Joomla. Along with our work, we provide customized reporting to show a clear return on your investment. Learn more about our ranking strategies or services.

An SEO search strategist uses a very different skill set from website design or development. Web designers are website architects and builders. Web developers are website engineers. A search strategist is an expert in ranking well in search engines, converting customers into clients, and driving revenue through organic search. A good SEO is a technical analyst, business strategist, detective, design consultant, content strategist, public relations strategist, and inbound marketing consultant.

It is not uncommon for website creators to harm a website's ranking potential accidentally during the site building or update process. We've seen this on most websites we have worked on. Website designers and developers don’t understand search engine optimization by default. Building a website is very different from successfully driving traffic to a website. Many IT programmers and web designers are very skilled and talented in their fields, but a beautiful website will not automatically drive visitors or turn them into clients or customers.

Protect your investment and don't assume that anyone who works in a computer field knows SEO. To rank well in search engines, to convert visitors into clients, and to generate revenue through the Internet, you need an expert in search engine ranking. That's a high-quality SEO search strategist.
There are many hidden factors that can hinder the ability for your website to rank well in search engines. An SEO search strategist and analyst will diagnose your site for:

A lack of SEO expert practices will also kill your chances of premium rankings. Matrix Premier can ensure that all ranking limitations are removed so that your site's pages can be found in the great online matrix in their best possible ranking positions.
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