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Matrix Premier is an Oregon SEO company based out of Ashland, Oregon. Our clients span all continental US time zones, as well as Europe. The Oregon SEO strategists at Matrix Premier have managed SEO services for numerous large ecommerce websites and have served a wide range of clients and industries across the United States. Matrix Premier staff efforts have earned us thousands of tracked first-page rankings on a wide variety of sites before we began privately offering our services as an independent Oregon SEO company. Matrix Premier is a registered LLC Oregon SEO company and we offer SEO and related marketing SEO services at reasonable professional SEO service rates.

If you searched for “Oregon SEO” to find this page, I assume that you are in Oregon as well, and that you have some idea of the value of SEO. But if you're not clear about what SEO refers to, we explain that under the first bulleted question on our Matrix Premier home page. In short, SEO is the use of strategic techniques to improve rankings in search engine results.

Professional SEO Experience

Matrix Premier is owned and operated by Michael Riedeman. Michael has overseen Michael - Oregon SEO SEO analysis and strategy implementation for four of the world's top 500 Internet retailers. Previously employed as SEO Coordinator at Motorcycle Superstore, Michael managed the MS corporate SEO program earning over $40 million per year with over 1 million unique visitors per month.  

Michael also managed the SEO Web Copywriting team for Musician's Friend, a top-50 Internet retailer. Michael has also managed SEO strategy and implementation for many other small and mid-sized companies, consistently driving more traffic, conversions, and revenue. Michael's experience has spanned a broad range of SEO skills across a wide spectrum of industries. 

How We Operate

Matrix Premier provides a catered strategy for each website. Our exact methods will vary for each site, and are based on the services ordered. Overall, we manage SEO analysis and strategy consulting for business websites. We build websites as well, and offer paid search services as well.

We manage in-depth planning, research, analysis, strategy, and prioritization. We collaborate with our clients. We earn your webiste better targeted website traffic based on the terms people search for regarding to your products or services. We then help to ensure that these highly qualified leads convert into sales. Our work is entirely "white hat" - it will avoid any Google penalties such as Penguin, Panda, Quality Updates, or Hummingbird. Links we earn come from respected sites to help build genuine authority.

We're easily available by phone or email. Our dedicated support will directly handle any needs you may have. We work together as a team and provide ongoing communication. We love brainstorming meetings with site owners, and enjoy discussing our planned future actions. SEO needs ongoing and collaborative strategy to be done extremely well.

We have the experience and the tools to build a solid organic rankings for your Web business. We convert searchers into visitors to leads, emails, calls, sales, and revenue. 

We manage our client load so that we can offer personal service for each client. We're laser-focused on revenue and not just on rankings or even overall traffic.

We work extremely hard to remain a leading Oregon SEO firm. When you check out other Oregon SEO agencies, make sure they really understand deep strategy and have broad experience testing many SEO techniques. Then you’ll be in good shape. All Oregon SEO companies claim to be the best, of course, butnot all of them have the credentials to back it up. A lot of SEO companies focus on getting simplistic ranking tricks or earning quick but shallow gains. That isn’t good SEO work. Hire an Oregon SEO who is focused on thoughtful, strategic work, not just aiming for quick wins or dubious linking tactics, and you should see a sweet return on your investment. 

We ensure that your site meets Google's website standards, including mobile usability, loading speed, and validated code. We guide you to produce quality content and earn links from respected sites, outreach through social media and blogging, and grow your local Oregon brand with quality linking. We provide monthly reporting updates on site traffic, key rankings changes, SEO industry updates and recommendations. Our reporting breaks down the work we complete in detail so that you're crystal clear about what you are paying for.


What We Don't Do

We don’t do email marketing, development work, or full social media management (but we do advise and strategize social media).

We don't simply do basic SEO with cookie-cutter tweaks, or build shady link farms or personal blog networks to artificially prop up your rankings. SEOs that use those kinds of tactics will destroy your rankings in the long term. We do not acquire paid links or artificially generate any links in any form. We do not use "spun" content either. We do not use any "black hat" tactics whick defy Google guidelines and lead to ranking penalties.


Our Services

Monthly retainer plans

SEO Guidance

SEO Website Audit

Link Profile Audit 

Competitive Analysis 

SEO Copywriting

Ecommerce Feature Analysis

Troubleshooting Drops in Traffic, Rankings, or Google Penalty Issues 

Conversion Rate Optimization

Technical SEO Audit

Menu & Internal Linking Optimization

Site Re-Launch SEO Oversight

Details on all of these services can be reviewed on our Services page.


Who We Work With

We do not work with start-up companies, get-rich-quick schemers, or porn sites, or any site that we feel is does more harm that good in the world.

We take on businesses with solid reputations in their Oregon community and offer good services or products. 


SEO vs. Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing includes print, radio, and TV ads and outreach. Traditional forms of marketing were the most effective method some years ago. But since the world has gone digital via the Internet, it has become necessary to do digital marketing, like blogging, social media, email marketing, and SEO.

Traditional marketing methods reach people who are not actively searching so they hit too broad of an audience; and results are nearly impossible to measure. Traditional marketing does not engage the recipient long at all. Traditional marketing is dropping in its investment return each year.

By contrast, with Internet marketing you reach your target audience and results are clearly measurable. Marketing through your website is more interactive and it allows users more learning time as they're highly engaged on your website. With Internet marketing, you pay to reach the correct audience of well-qualified buyers - it's much less random. As a result, a smaller budget allows you to reach a larget, better-targeted audience.

Among digital marketing methods, many studies have shown either SEO or email marketing offering the highest return on investment, with display ad marketing usually a close third. By contrast, the most expensive marketing channels are print, radio, telemarketing, direct mail, and TV ads.

In 2016, if you are still hoping that the right people catch your local news ad, flyer ad, radio plug, or phone book ad – that just isn’t realistic anymore.  We all avoid ads and hate commercials. Traditional marketing is an annoyance that targets way too broad an audience. And since the Internet has taken over most human brains, that isn’t how the world works anymore.

98% Choose Business Page 1 (Oregon SEO) 54% Sub Internet for Phone Book Local (Oregon SEO)

One reasons why we love SEO work at Matrix Premier is because it’s exciting to help others and win while building connections. Done right, SEO is the most effective way to build your audience and grow your Oregon business revenue. Today, almost all potential clients heavily use their mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and computers. They use them to catch news clips, gawp at cat and baby pictures, find the latest babble or Facebook wars, and to shop for the products and services that they need. That’s why SEO can be so successful – you don’t pay for expensive ads and wait around for people to stumble upon your ad and get sold by some corny marketing hook.

With great Oregon SEO, we connect you with just the right Oregon clientele when they're searching online for exactly what you offer. We draw highly qualified buyers to your website. They found your site because they already wanted the services or products you offer. They searched Google or other search engines for keywords you rank for. For a local Oregon business, you can rank well for searches made by local Oregon customers. Instead of investing heavily in broadcast ads and hoping that some stick, your business will show up where your clients actively search for you.


What About the Yellow Pages?

You could argule that the phone book does that too. But not so much anymore. Few people actually use it today. SEO has become a far more effective marketing investment since at least 2010 compared to a phone book ad for most businesses. Numerous studies have shown that consumers use the Internet first 80% of the time when they need a new service or product. And then they use the printed Yellow Pages as a second or third option only about 50% of the time. When the remaining few do hit the Yellow Pages, your ad must stand out and hook them – with costly larger sized ads and more color. That becomes expensive.

97% Search Internet for Local (Oregon SEO) 77% Smartphone Contact Biz After Searching Local (Oregon SEO) 59% Mobile Visit Local Biz Same Day (Oregon SEO) 95% Smartphone Looked Local (Oregon SEO)

A few businesses may still drive most revenue from the old yellow books like plumbers or attorneys or pizza delivery companies. But even all of those businesses are earning more revenue online every year. For most businesses, though, the phone book is as dead as Elvis. Life without a yellow pages ad may sound scary, but in reality, life without a lot of wasted marketing money is really quite awesome.

88% Consult Online Reviews (Oregon SEO) 88% Trust Online Reviews (Oregon SEO)


Oregon Marketing Turf... Mostly Online

There are business turf wars going on everywhere, but today even within Oregon business world, battles are waged across the wires on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Internet competition continually increases in search engine searches across Oregon, the US, and worldwide. This has everything to do with SEO.


In 2016, SEO and paid search are critical to every Oregon business owner. Today, online marketing is the foundation for any successful consumer-oriented business. Dominate your competitor in search engine rankings and you greatly increase your website's traffic, client leads, and revenue. This makes you a leader in your Oregon industry online and opens up a new level of steady revenue online. Ranking well in organic search engines is consistently shown to be among the strongest marketing strategies today.


We can help to put you ahead of the competition in Oregon, nationally, and worldwide. While SEO is not rocket science, it can be complicated and challenging to dominate. Most online businesses still do not focus on SEO, missing a huge opportunity. Even for those who do it, SEO has to be done strategically to win. Great SEO chops, experience and wisdom are invaluable to winning in Google. Matrix Premier is an Ashland, Oregon SEO agency that has managed SEO for numerous top national Internet retail brands, as well as for many small and medium-sized businesses.

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