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Matrix Premier offers professional organic SEO services. The Matrix team has delivered thousands of page-one rankings in Google for several multi-million-dollar ecommerce websites and a wide range of small and medium-sized company sites. We’re strategic, knowledgeable, and reliable. Let's discuss what you need, and we'll come up with a project proposal.


SEO Monthly Retainers


Site audit, technical analysis, strategy, implementation, content direction, and reporting.

Our professional SEO strategists will organize an organic SEO campaign to drive more visitors to your site. We’ll fully manage your site’s SEO or smoothly integrate  with your marketing team to put together the plan for a successful SEO project. See the checklist on our Rates page for a full list of monthly service features.

Three plans: $600, $1350, or $1875/month



SEO Consulting


Together we’ll develop an SEO plan of action.

A few hours of our one-on-one organic SEO services can save site owners and designers days or weeks of trial and error. Get more SEO work completed in less time with less frustration, for better traffic results.



SEO Website Audit


We crawl your site, breakdown issues, and suggest remedies.

We review on-page SEO of various page types, and assess the internal linking structure. We audit for issues that would cause poor site speed, usability problems, or downtime. We'll identify when past site changes may have had a negative impact. We look for spammy domains that may share a server with your site. We review technical site construction for health, and do an initial link profile review.

$600 to $5,000


Link Profile Audit


We'll systematically clean up the links to your site and improve Google rankings.

The websites that link to pages on your website impact how your pages rank in Google and other search engines. It's important that these backlinks come from quality sites and are acquired naturally. Many backlink factors will be red flags to Google's algorithm and will harm your site's traffic. These issues should be identified with the best backlink analysis tool plus manual review by a skilled auditor. This can help a site recover from a Google penalty, protect against future penalty, and greatly improve search engine rankings.




Competitive Analysis


We explore how your competitors achieve success, and strategize tactics that may work for your site.

We'll identify top SEO competitors, compare their ranking keywords against yours, and find where your site could benefit from their key terms and tactics. We'll review how effective competitor sites are organized and optimized. We'll find their weaknesses that may be your site's opportunities. We audit their blog and social media content. We assess their site backlink profiles, domain age, and authority metrics. Then we consider any obstacles and establish a strategy for your site.

$450 to $1,500



SEO Copywriting


Advanced SEO copywriting in many areas.

We offer SEO Copywriting services in any industry that we have experience in or can write about without extensive topical research. We have SEO copywriting experience in many industries including apparel, footwear, musical instruments and live sound gear, motorcycle gear and parts, health, sports gear and outdoor adventure, candles, home decor, and more.

50c - $1/word

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Additional Services We Offer

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Ecommerce Feature Analysis - Compare your ecommerce website against cutting-edge shopping sites feature by feature.

We may assess the many e-commerce features that are present or absent from our clients’ websites. We go through our checklist of over a hundred ecommerce features. We can, then, offer assistance towards achieving technologically advanced websites that are far more useful and engaging for users, which will draw more visitors and drive more purchases or leads.

Troubleshoot Drops in Traffic, Rankings, or Google Penalty Issues.

Things break. With website, this happens a lot! Countless things can cause a site's traffic to change or stop altogether. A developer may upload changes that don't follow formatting standards, your site re-design may have negative fallout, a Google algorithm change may be unfavorable to your site, or past SEO tactics catch up to you... Contact Matrix Premier to determine causes of your site's loss in traffic or ranking problems and get things back on the right track.

Search Engine Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) - Turn your visitors into your customers.

CRO is quite different from search engine optimization. While professional organic SEO services bring the traffic in, CRO turns those visitors into clients, buyers, leads, fans, and contacts. Sometimes our focus is more about conversion rate optimization – or improving conversions for pages that are already receiving valuable website traffic. A site may be bringing in substantial visitor traffic, but not many visitors are buying anything or reading anything or contacting the client. Or too many visitors are leaving the site too fast, or not viewing enough pages. This is when there is a silent, desperate cry for conversion rate optimization.

Technical SEO

Delving into the technical realm of SEO, we can usually identify many critical and very destructive technical shortcomings. We will help ensure that your website is compliant with search-engine guidelines for optimal quality content. We'll evaluate page speeds and help to improve site load times. We will diagnose Google penalties and eliminate duplicate page titles, meta descriptions, and on-page content, and identify unoriginal content. We'll work with your development team to reduce or eliminate site coding, indexing, and crawl errors; and improve crawling statistics and page indexing rates. We can create or update your website's XML sitemap, identify flaws in your current one and fix prioritization levels in it. We can help to improve your website's URL structure and ensure the proper use of canonicals, URL parameter handling, and the robots.txt file. Again, this will reduce or eliminate site errors. We'll identify unnecessary page redirects, missing redirects, and incorrect redirects wherever possible. We'll report broken internal website links. We will identify files that need to be compressed, low-quality backlinks, weak or misused meta tags, faulty content management settings, mis-used markup, spammy keyword practices, and uncrawlable Flash or JavaScript code.

Menu & Internal Linking Optimization

In one valuable area of specialty, we often oversee and drive a website's new navigational menu and internal linking structure. This is the menu at the top of the website and all other links in the left or right sidebars, in the bottom footer, or embedded within written content. This is a very important factor in ranking well in search engines, which is usually overlooked or misguided by marketing managers, developers, designers, and by many SEO contractors. How a website links internally helps to indicate the importance of your pages in relation to each other, and it shows relevance to key search terms. This is not rocket science, but it is somewhat complex and takes experienced insight, calculated strategy, and rather exceptional diligence to nail it.

Site Re-Launch Oversight

Also, our clients are often re-launching new websites, new site design skins, or a new content management system (CMS). Such major overhauls will often result in many considerable losses in search engine rankings for month or well beyond months. This is because, over the years that your existing website has been up, many factors have earned the site website rankings before the re-launch, including the age of your site and pages. Revamping can sometimes have beneficial SEO ranking impacts in the long run, but often the opposite is true.

Why would a new, improved website suddenly lose many important rankings and traffic? There are far more reasons than this list:

  1. Because many new systems are not nearly as search engine friendly as they claim to be.
  2. Redirects are not handled properly.
  3. New site layouts and link structures are not wisely search-engine friendly.
  4. New systems cause too many duplicate pages confusing to search engines.
  5. One of many, many technical aspects was coded in error (from a ranking perspective but not a design perspective).

Not many website managers can afford substantial drops in traffic for months or more. That is why, anyone considering a website overhaul should be sure to find an effective search engine optimization expert experienced with site re-launches as soon as possible. The earlier in the process, the better. At Matrix Premier, we are experienced in guiding our clients through the website re-launch processes while helping to minimize loss of rankings as a result of losing the many factors that earned the website rankings before re-launch. We are also well versed in the many obstacles to good rankings that will typically be put in place during the design process.

We have extensive experience in Internet marketing, helping large ecommerce retailers and a wide range of small and medium-sized retailers, artists, and blogs with organic SEO services for their sites. We stay up-to-date regarding organic traffic tactics and best practices that websites must employ to earn organic search engine traffic. We specialize in advanced website structure strategies and SEO-relevant technical expertise.

We've worked with dozens of agencies on projects and we’re adept at developing organic SEO strategies that exceed expectations. We have expert knowledge of the SEO technical skills, software tools, and analytics that are needed to get our clients’ websites to excel. SEO is often one of many marketing programs that clients employ, so we recognize that synergies and coordination with other programs is key to success as well. Our organic SEO services often go well beyond standard SEO practices.

What we do for each client will depend on:

  1. Each client's unique goals and website needs.
  2. The products or services offered by the client's websites.
  3. How established the client's site or sites are.
  4. How built out the site is with site features.
  5. How many pages the site has in each page type.
  6. How extensive the content is on the site, or the product selection.
  7. How customizable their site platforms are.
  8. Willingness and abilty of webmasters, designers, or site owners to make site changes for greater return on the investment.

If you know that your website needs more traffic but you don't know which services would apply best, we are happy to have a conversation to help you send your website's traffic on a greater upward trend. 

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