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What does SEO cost?

In the US, SEO service rates vary wildly from less than $25/hour to over $200/hour. Lowball SEOs generally use “black-hat SEO” tactics that violate Google’s standards to temporarily manipulate rankings. These are scams that will hurt or destroy your website’s traffic eventually. So for search engine rankings that will last, be cautious of anyone selling services for SEO rates lower than those below.


Legitimate Agency SEO Service Rates in the US

Legitimate SEO agencies predominantly charge between $75 and $150/hour.

The majority of monthly retainer rates for SEO firms fall between $750 and $5,000/month.

Project-based SEO service rates typically range from $1,000 - $7,500 per project, with some smaller projects, or projects for low-competition sites, as low as $250.


Matrix Premier SEO Service Rates

 At Matrix Premier, we offer six contractual services and three monthly retainer plans outlined below.


Contract Services - SEO Rates

SEO consulting – a few hours of one-on-one to guide your efforts – $75 to $100 per hour.

SEO website audit – $600 to $5,000

Link profile audit – $375 to $6,000

Competitive analysis – $450 to $1,500

SEO copywriting rates – 50c – $1/word

Troubleshoot ranking drops or search engine penalties – $1,000 to $10,000

Custom project rates – Let’s discuss your unique needs, pricing varies by project.


Why the ranges? We factor into our contract SEO service rates things like: ranking goals, keyword ranking difficulties, current rankings, website age and prestige, industry competitiveness, copywriting needs, reporting desired, correspondence levels, current site SEO and content, search-engine penalties, and more.


 Monthly Retainers – We offer three monthly retainer plans, with a minimum commitment of three months.


SEO Provides the Best Return on Investment

SEO is known to provide unparalleled value – the best return on investment (ROI) among all marketing programs. Internet search engines can drive exceptionally high long-term profits relative to investment in SEO efforts. Therefore, ranking in search engines is a highly competitive discipline. But only a small share of SEOs have the chops to consistently succeed.

To excel in this specialty, nothing beats hands-on investigation, analysis, shrewd research skills, and innate cutting-edge strategy. University marketing programs usually just scratch the surface and lack the detailed training needed to dominate. Real-world SEO experience is vital to sharpening these talents. Skilled SEO work will build visitor traffic and can deliver tremendously profitable results with excellent ROI. SEO takes months of committed efforts, insights, and calculating tactics to gradually and reliably grow traffic, but that traffic is lasting when earned by the right methods.


Dedicated SEO Firms vs. Web Design/Marketing Firms That Offer SEO

We advise against purchasing SEO services from a web design firm as an add-on service. Web designers rarely have an actual SEO specialist on staff. The skill set needed to do quality SEO analysis, investigation, and strategy planning is radically different from Web or graphic design skills, or IT programming skills. A web designer is mainly focused on website look, functionality, and site owner preferences. By contrast, an SEO specialist is focused on algorithms, crunching stats, site indexing and crawling, how searchers search, and Google preferences. Sadly, websites are usually designed in many ways that totally don’t match how searchers search, and don’t comply with Google’s standards.


We also caution against purchasing SEO services from a general marketing agency or Internet marketing agency as an add-on service. Marketing firms offering a variety of online marketing services rarely are SEO-focused enough to apply more than simple SEO principles. Such generalist firms can offer you other useful and valuable services to achieve a variety of marketing goals, but it would be very unlikely that they could boost your organic traffic successfully like a dedicated SEO firm can.


Only a dedicated SEO firm will have the industry experience and insight to consistently apply the latest SEO techniques. Only a dedicated SEO firm will be able to deeply analyze your site with the technical experience to identify the great many SEO pitfalls that get designed into websites habitually.

Standard US SEO service rates are not cheap for an SEO professional, but SEO is still the best marketing investment when you hire an experienced SEO firm like Matrix Premier.


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