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Web Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Strategy

Every website requires a customized approach to best optimize the site for peak search engine rankings. While we can outline some basic principles that are core to our ranking strategies, every website requires a unique ranking strategy.

Matrix Premier ranking strategies may include many of the following services:

Search Analysis Elements - Assess Site Ranking Limitations & Potential

  • Interview – Discuss web search engine optimization and conversion goals, focus keywords, marketing tactics, linking arrangements, past or future site redesigns, use of redirects or canonicals.
  • Examine Site Data – Check visitor demographics and geography; study historic rankings, traffic, conversion, and revenue; compare branded vs. non-branded traffic; identify search engine penalties.
  • Analyze Layout of website design, navigation, conversion paths.
  • Evaluate Content for uniqueness and keyword relevance.
  • Assess URL Folder Structure, meta-tag usage and targeting, rich text markup.
  • Appraise On-Site Linking strategy and keyword usage in the menu structure, SEOin anchor text on all page types; in header and footer; between relevant pages; and assess the value of outgoing links.
  • Identify Crawl and Indexing Obstacles including misuse of redirects, rel=canonicals, pagination, robots.txt, noindex, or parameter handling rules; load time problems; duplicate pages; dynamic URLs; server response code issues; links obscured by Javascript or Flash; or XML sitemap errors.
  • Review Mobile usability, responsiveness, and canonical usage.
  • Analyze Backlink Profile for paid or unnatural links, quality of linking domains, from relevant domains, anchor text variety, and natural diversity.
  • Keyword Research – Identify queries and pages driving clicks, append search volume data, study competitor targeting, identify new relevant keywords, and map unique keywords for each page.
  • Ranking Strategy – Discover where current ranking keywords can drive more traffic and conversions; identify the best ranking opportunities; prioritize pages for ranking improvements.
  • Reporting & Tracking – Devise a wide range of actionable reports in Excel to report progress: visits, revenue, conversion, click-through-rate, page indexing, search ranking, and market share.
  • Ecommerce Site Feature Analyses – Evaluate the quality of ecommerce website merchandising features by checklist.
  • Identify Competitor Ranking Tactics – Identify competitor ranking strengths, weaknesses, and tactics.
  • Utilize a Variety of SEO Search Tools – We employ a wide variety of enterprise web search engine optimization tools and platforms, analytics, backlink explorers, site crawlers, rank trackers, sitemap creators, content management systems, databases, and Webmaster Tools – many listed on our Recommended Tools page.

Search Engine Optimizations - Improve Search Rankings

  • Remedy Errors – Advise on web search engine optimization page elements for optimal ranking including layouts, meta tags, and customizability.
  • Direct the repair of duplicate page issues, not found errors, lost rankings and penalty recovery; and guide on URL conventions for dynamic pages and filtered page results.
  • Improve Site Structure – Streamline menus by relocating low-value links, improve URLs to be bot and user friendly, stratify site navigation into relevancy groups, and improve anchor text convention.
  • Meta Tags Optimization – Write and modify meta tags and attributes beneficial to search engine ranking, employ rich text structured data where helpful, and advise on applying dynamic URL canonicals.
  • Content Creation – Coordinate the redesign of category, subcategory, and product pages; blogs; buying guides; and informational and promo pages.
  • Advise on content creation and edit content for optimal key term targeting, page relevance, flow, grammar, and reader engagement.
  • Video and Image Optimization – Advise on how to best use video, add video markup, optimize videos for YouTube, and optimize images.
  • New Page Layout – Build new web layouts via content management system.

Conversion & Social Media

  • Conversion-Rate Optimization - Assess conversion-limiting elements in page layouts, analyze user engagement with each element, and improve conversion for poor-performing pages or types.Web Optimization SEO Services
  • Social Media & External Promotion Channels – Mentor on integrating web search engine optimization with external promotion channels and with social media. Develop a social media strategy, tactics, and content ideas.

Website Re-Launch Planning & Oversight

  • Map out Re-Launch Strategy – Incorporate extensive keyword research to create new menus, headers, footers, and internal linking structure.
  • Advise on new URL folder structure.
  • Advise new page layouts for all page types.
  • Create strategic XML and HTML sitemaps.
  • Map Redireicts - Identify top priority pages and guide in mapping URL redirects from old to new pages.

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